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D. J.

DJ Drew Thomas


After months of planning, your ceremony will fly by in minutes. The reception is your chance to relax, laugh, and celebrate your love with family and friends. Surveys consistently show your guests will remember your entertainment more than anything else about your reception.  


DJ Drew Thomas is an award winning entertainer, and one of the best DJ's in northwest Georgia. Playing crowd favorites, and family-friendly radio edits, helps ensure even Grandma has a great time. Music is the heartbeat of a wedding reception, and guests will stay longer with the right music. 


As a self-taught musician, Drew played drums for over 20 years, as well as bass guitar, alto sax, and other instruments. However, when a friend showed him how to blend two records together, creating a live mashup, Drew found a new passion. A skilled public speaker, Drew will welcome your family, friends, and honored guests. DJ Drew has entertained over 365 weddings, over 400 other events, and has performed for groups of 15 to 2000+ people. 


DJ Drew can also help with special moments such as a Anniversary Dances, custom Love Story presentations, or wedding games. DJ Drew Thomas can help make your reception the best party you've ever had.

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