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Fairytale weddings
Founder's Manor



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At Founder's Manor, we turn wedding fantasies into fairytale-like realities! Picture yourself walking down the aisle of our gorgeously restored 1840's mansion while every corner of our venue softly glows with charm and nostalgia, effortlessly transporting everyone into an elegant otherworldly experience. Or choose one of many ever-popular outdoor ceremonies, with a lushly thick carpet of grass under your foot, topped by our curiously extra-large blue sky!  With both indoor and outdoor spaces available for ceremony and reception, your special day can be tailored to perfectly reflect your personal love story. You can even choose to spend your first night as newlyweds in our overnight accommodations, surrounded by the history and romance of our manor! Just scroll down to find the fairytale wedding that suits you best!  And if our special pricing isn't enough, don't forget to take advantage of our extra BONUS SPECIAL:  Book with us today and your REHEARSAL DINNER IS FREE!

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