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Why have a pop up wedding?  Because with a pop up wedding you can have a gorgeous wedding for a fraction of the price! Go ahead - have a show-stopper of a pop up wedding!  No one will ever suspect how much you saved!


Pop up weddings are becoming more and more popular because not only can they be a financially savvy choice, but they're a beautiful and stress-free way to tie he knot. Just bring yourself and your betrothed and we cover nearly everything else! 


For small parties, we suggest the "Love Story" that accommodates up to 12 total, and includes ceremony and decor, cake and beverage reception, official (or bring your own!) in our stunning venue.  Or if you need a larger guest list, choose the Happily Ever After that accommodates up to 35 and also gives you more time to enjoy yourselves, and has more options available, like a dinner reception.  Either way, you can't go wrong.  Take advantage of our limited time specials and save even more!

Pop Up Weddings are perfect when you just can't wait to get married!

$795.00       Reg. $1,495.00

$1995      Reg. $3,900.00

Ceremony Layouts

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