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Our Location

We are super-conveniently located only 57 minutes from EITHER Atlanta or Chattanooga, and a mere 5 minutes (but a world away!) off I-75, tucked away in the near-secret but postcard-perfect little historic town of Adairsville, GA!  What could be a more convenient or perfect location for you and your guests?  Scroll down to see more of what our great location offers you and your wedding party!

Infinity Ring Ceremony at Founder's Manor

Sometimes, it's hard to decide! You want something quiet and picturesque, but you also want it to be convenient!  You may want it to be natural or with a quaint "nod to the past", but you also want your modern wifi and streaming and bluetooth!  You want it to be one of a kind, but also exactly "you".  You want it to wow your guests and be memorable, but not look dated like 80's hair when you look at photos 20 years later!  Relax.  We've got you covered on all these and more.

Privately located on the top of a prominent hill overlooking a truly postcard perfect historic town, your wedding will not only be private, but conveniently located with wonderful amenities literally at your feet.  A short walk down our 1840's carriage path that traverses down that beautiful hill (or you can take your car for a 1 minute drive!) and you will land on a cobblestone crosswalk that takes you directly into town, where you will find antique stores, diners, boutiques, florists, coffee tasting, museum, art gallery and more!  More stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more are less than 5 minutes away!  If you would like to golf or go horseback riding we are only a 12 minute drive to the world renowned Barnsley Resort, where you can also tour historic ruins and enjoy upscale meals.


To top off all the wonderful amenities at Founder's Manor, we are also happy to offer luxury overnight accommodations in conjunction with events.  Five luxury ensuite antique filled rooms are available (modern conveniences carefully hidden away), with 3 more rooms available only steps away at the corner of the block, and if that's not enough, accommodating hotels are only 6 minutes away with group rates available.  Take a look through our website to get a taste of our wonderful venue, or contact us with any questions you have.  We look foward  to hearing from you!


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