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Long Room Ceremony

Runway or Traditional Style

2023-09-24 10.59.41.jpeg
Traditional wedding ceremony seating in Long Room at Founder's Manor

Traditional Seating

Take full advantage of this exquisite mansion as you walk down a double-chandeliered aisle with your cherished guests seated in traditional style in our over-the-top elegant Drawing Room.full of antiques.  Envelope yourself in one-of-a-kind surroundings as you and your loved ones become part of the rich history of this unique venue.

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Runway Style

As far as we know, Founder's Manor actually invented this unique processional layout, and for good reason:  Intimacy!  Try our Runway Style seating for maximum intimacy with all your guests!  Imagine the entire room getting to see you in all your wedding splendor at once - and you get to also see them!  Unparalleled eye to eye contact with all your guest is possible with our unique Runway style seating, marrying old fashioned intimacy with a revolutionary but practical layout.  True - we borrowed this unique layout from fashion shows, but we invented it for the wedding ceremony here. 

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Runway style wedding ceremony seating at Founder's Manor
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