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Pergola Ceremony

Founder's Manor Pergola Wedding Ceremony
Be the center of attention at Founder's Manor Pegola Wedding Ceremony!
A beautiful ceremony!
Pergola at Founder's Manor
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Pergola Ceremony

Imagine exchanging vows with your partner, surrounded by the vibrant colors and fragrant scents of blooming flowers, lush greenery, and towering trees. Founder's Manor offers a pergola wedding venue embraced by the wonders of nature. The sunlight filters through the pergola above, creating an ethereal ambiance, immersing you and your loved ones in a truly magical experience.

Allow our manicured lawn to serves as the perfect carpet for your matrimonial dream-come-true: Picture walking down the aisle, your footsteps gently cushioned by the luscious grass beneath, leading you towards the pergola adorned with delicate floral arrangements and draping greenery. The manicured lawn offers a visually stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony, ensuring every moment feels like a fairytale come alive.

Founder's Manor takes advantage of its sprawling "big sky" location to create an unforgettable experience: As the sun sets, casting warm hues across the horizon, and the stars start to twinkle overhead, you and your beloved will exchange vows, promising a lifetime of love and happiness. The pergola acts as the perfect frame, embracing your special moment while the sky above bears witness to your eternal commitment.

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